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Beverage equipment

Beverage equipment

opzioni binarie conto demo Android http://ekja.ee/?sekvoya=opzioni-binarie-da-1-euro opzioni binarie da 1 euro Brew up sales with the right beverage equipment

binäre option wirklich so einfach Beverages can be hugely profitable and getting the right drinks equipment is all about matching it not only to the customers’ expectations but also to the volumes being served. Linda McKeown takes a look at what’s on offer in the beverage market.

opzioni binarie strategia gabbia Espresso machines make wonderful coffee, but a site that needs to serve dozens of customers in a few minutes will need something faster. CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, an authoritative voice of the catering equipment industry, representing over 160 companies who supply, service and maintain all types of commercial catering equipment, gives an overview of beverage systems.

Hot service

http://www.hopeforthewearymom.com/?strazu=operazioni-binarietrading&0a1=8d operazioni binarietrading Coffee sales are booming. Despite the growth of espresso, coffee brewers and urns are still popular, because they are easy to operate, quick and economical. They both work the same way, by pouring hot water through a bed of ground coffee in a filter. Brewers make coffee in relatively small batches, usually 12 cups at a time, while urns can brew large batches ranging up to more than 500 cups. For large volume requirements there are high-speed systems that can brew, hold and dispense 9,000 cups of coffee per hour.

binary options demo video The WMF 2000S guadagnare con internet The WMF 2000S is said to be ideal for the sometimes space-challenged operations

Meanwhile, ‘specialist’ coffees are no longer the prerogative of specialist coffee shops – it’s not unusual to see sophisticated espresso machines in pubs, leisure centres and clubs. The improvements in technology mean the latest push-button, bean-to-cup machines can produce excellent coffee, provided you have the time.

Cold profits

Carbonated drinks are amongst the most profitable items sold in any foodservice operation. There are two distinct systems of carbonated drinks dispensers available, ‘postmix’ and ‘premix’, with various combinations of mix systems, propulsion systems and valves providing for differing applications and volumes.

In postmix systems, the syrup and carbonated water are mixed at the tap head. These systems are suited to sites where space is limited or the drinks volume is high. However, the equipment is more complicated than for a premix system, where the syrup and water are ‘premixed’. Although premix systems take up more space, they tend to be less expensive and simpler to use.

Latest developments: message on a bottle

All sorts of pressures have lead to the rise of in-house bottled waters. Sustainability is certainly one of them, but the business potential, combined with the increasing demand for mineral water, have also played their part. Typically an on-site water-purifying system will treat mains water and give an almost limitless supply of bottled still and sparkling water. Add in a reusable ‘designer’ bottle and the venue is making a style statement as well as (once the system has been paid for) significant profits.

There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when buying a water boiler but the most important of these would be performance, output, reliability and energy efficiency.

“In many catering environments rapid draw off is a key consideration but it tends not to be so important in the cafe sector,” explains Nick Neal, Sales and Marketing Director, Instanta.

“Rapid draw off is the amount of water that can be dispensed in one go before the machine needs to recover temperature. Clearly if you are expecting a lot of customers over a very short period of time then fast recovery is essential, but as most cafes have a relatively small but steady stream of customers it is not so crucial for them. This is important because a machine with fast recovery might well have a bigger element that uses more power. So, if you don’t need a large draw off then steering clear of such machines will help save money on running costs.”

So what should you consider when buying a water boiler? Nick gives some tops tips. “There is simply no point in buying a machine that is either too small or too big. Too small and it just won’t keep up, meaning that you have to replace it and incur further expense. Buy one that’s too big and you will end up heating and storing more water than you actually need and this will increase your running costs unnecessarily.

“And so to price! It’s very tempting to buy on price, especially in the current economic climate, but I would strongly advise against this as reliability is likely to be an issue,” warns Nick. “What’s more, when they do go wrong, many cheaper machines are likely to have little in the way of back up service, especially in the case of foreign imports. So generally speaking it is worth paying a little more if that means getting features like self diagnostics and an eco mode (as featured in our CT range) because in the long term these will save money in terms of maintenance and running costs.

“Energy efficiency should be a major consideration but too many sites go for a quick fix without considering the long term benefits of things like eco-modes and low voltage switching which save money and are kinder to the environment.”

Florian believes that this intense penetration has positively contributed to raise the profile of hot coffee beverages and has also encouraged other sectors to introduce or improve the coffee they offer. “Where in the past it was only coffee shops that carried a credible coffee offer, coffee has now been established as a take along product in the overall portfolio,” explains Florian.

“This demand has been driven by the consumer desire for a good quality coffee and for operators’ desire for consistency. High street coffee shop chains have been pioneering in the education of the public about good quality coffee. However, they can learn a great deal from other sectors, such as QSR’s, who have identified that good quality hot beverages can be a highly lucrative category and they have managed to establish an offer which delivers great value for money using bean to cup machines.”

Florian believes that this intense penetration has positively contributed to raise the profile of hot coffee beverages and has also encouraged other sectors to introduce or improve the coffee they offer. “Where in the past it was only coffee shops that carried a credible coffee offer, coffee has now been established as a take along product in the overall portfolio,” explains Florian.

“I believe that consumer behavior has also contributed to this development. Life has continued to be more active and mobile, which has lead to a strong increase in ‘to go’ offers but equally, the demand for better
quality has challenged instant, freeze-dried and liquid products.

“The WMF 2000S, our latest machine, has specifically been design around hese prerequisites. It is a mid-range machine (in terms of performance and price point) and can deliver up to 200 cups of coffee a day, but can at the same time can more than cope during peak times; those 200 cups can be delivered within an hour, depending on size of cup and type
of coffee. The WMF 2000S embraces numerous options from a very small footprint, ideal for the sometimes space-challenged operations that some operators function within. We have developed a new hot water and boiler system which can either be operated on a single phase or 3Phase power supply as peak performance has always been the biggest challenge in the mid-range portfolio.”

“WMF believes that any operator should assess their current, but more importantly, their future demands before buying a coffee machine. Trials are common practice in our sales approach but we will always recommend the machine that suits the demands best, as opposed to selling a Ferrari where a Fiat 500 will do!”

Marco beverage system binäre trades online Marco Beverage Systems has introduced an undercounter version of its best selling Ecoboiler

A leading European manufacturer of water boilers and filter coffee brewers, Marco Beverage Systems, has introduced a neat undercounter version of its best selling Ecoboiler in a choice of models, sizes and countertop font options. The main body of the boiler is neatly hidden away in an undercounter cupboard with all that is visible on the counter, is the font.

The new undercounter Ecoboiler builds on the success of the Ecoboiler range since its launch three years ago. These are energy efficient water boilers that have been designed specifically to be economic and environmentally friendly and capable of saving up to £45 per unit per year on energy use when compared to a standard water boiler.

The range is available in standard Ecoboiler or new Ecosmart with Ecosmart offering the additional flexibility of water delivery at variable temperatures, achieved by the easy-to-programme buttons and LCD screen. There is a choice of three different capacities for both models - 4, 10 and 45 litres – making a total of six different options in the range. Output varies from the 4-litre model at 24 litres (156 cups) per hour to the 45-litre model, which has an hourly capacity of up to 84 litres (717 cups).

“Following the success of the Ecoboiler range in the past few years, it was a natural progression for us to introduce an undercounter version,” says Marco’s UK Sales Director, Chris York.

“In many catering outlets, staff need to turn their back on the customer to brew tea and coffee from a boiler on the back counter. Now they can continue to make eye contact whilst preparing the brew. The additional benefit of an undercounter model is that it takes up very little room. It will suit those restaurants, coffee shops and self-serve locations where finding counter space is a constant struggle.”

Scanomat’s Top Brewer opzioni binarie deposito 10 euro Scanomat’s Top Brewer can be built into any table or counter top

Across the world, Scanomat’s range of beverage makers serve more than two million cups of coffee a day – that is over half a billion a year!

Scanomat has been a high profile front-runner in supplying the Out of Home coffee market for 50 years, a position it maintains by constant innovation. This dedication to developing first class solutions is evidenced by the recent introduction of a totally new concept, the Top Brewer.

“Top Brewer is modern, sassy and it utilises the latest wireless technology at point of service which appeals to the techno generation,” says Tina Bullimore, Director at Scanomat UK. “It has also really caught the imagination of operators and we have been inundated with enquiries since the concept first aired at Caffé Culture earlier this year.”

Top Brewer tips the traditional idea of a beverage machine on its head for both practical and aesthetic reasons. All the customer sees from their side of the counter is a graceful stainless steel arched delivery spout rising up from the countertop; the machine and all its workings being hidden away beneath the worktop, leaving valuable counter space free for POS and profit making displays of grab ’n’ go items.

Using fresh beans, Top Brewer can be built into any table or counter top while activation of the drinks brewing process (for operators or self service) can be via either Smartphone or the finger-touch keyboard that can be built into the counter top.

Drinks such as cappuccino, latte and espresso are served in seconds with fresh milk topping if desired, and cold drinking water is also ‘on tap’.

For operators additional benefits are that the boiler-less Top Brewer doesn’t require annual safety inspections. It also has an automatic cleaning programme, and is manufactured using recyclable materials so fulfilling CSR obligations.

With the rising popularity of coffee and specialist coffee outlets, pubs and bars are finding that they need to compete in the coffee stakes in order to keep business. By offering quality coffee they can appeal to customers who are looking for an alternative to an alcoholic drink.

Concetto köpa Viagra flashback 2015 The Concetto is an automatic bean-to-cup machine that can make 150 cups per day

Gaggia’s new Concetto machine is said to be ideal for pubs and bars where good coffee is required but staff are under great pressure to pull pints, mix cocktails and take food orders as well as making hot drinks. Marketed in the UK by Watermark, and available through dealers nationwide, the Concetto is an automatic bean-to-cup machine that is simple to use and has the ability to make 150 cups per day.

The Concetto has a built-in coffee grinder that serves real freshly ground coffee at the push of a button. It also has a separate steam wand if bar staff want to froth up milk and add fancy finishes. For further flexibility the Concetto is able to use ground coffee as well as coffee beans.

A new electronic dosing system makes it possible for the Concetto to memorise preferred espresso settings while the digital LCD control panel enables all settings to be adjusted as the coffee is being made. To boost taste a pre-infusion option allows for an even and full extraction of flavour from the coffee. Real coffee aficionados will also appreciate the active cup warming option that pre-heats the cups via an electrical element.

An adjustable-height coffee dispensing head allows choice of cup size, depending on the type of coffee to be served. The water boiler has a capacity of 1.7litre and the coffee boiler of 0.5litre.

The compact Bolero 1 and Bolero 2 automatic beverage machines from Bravilor Bonamat, can produce coffee, hot chocolate or hot water at the press of a button, anytime it is needed.

The Bolero 1 unit has a single canister to hold instant ingredients for either coffee or hot chocolate. The special Bravilor Bonamat mixing system adds a cream layer as the drink is dispensed. An optional hot water tap for tea or soup is also an option.

The Bolero 2 machine is equipped with two canisters, plus the optional hot water tap for even more flexibility. Both machines have a throughput of around 30 litres an hour, with a brewing time of 11 seconds per cup.

The attractive units, with stainless steel finish, are said to be easy to operate and maintain with features including a descaling signal and rinsing program to avoid scale build up, a drip tray full warning, and an energy saving mode. Total and daily counters also allow caterers to keep track of the number of cups served.

But machinery is not all you need to create the perfect cup of tea or coffee. Cream Supplies now stocks the UK’s widest range of Motta barista and bar accessories with over 100 products currently available.

Established over 40 years ago in Italy, Motta is one of the largest (and one of the longest established) European manufacturer of high end tools for baristas and bartenders and is universally recognised for its outstanding quality.

The jugs, for example, are painstakingly designed to address every aspect of milk preparation and presentation. The heavy, mirror polished, 18/10 stainless steel bodies absorb heat from milk as it is steamed, allowing the longest possible time to create the tiny bubbles that are vital in making a perfect micro-foam. The ergonomic shape of the jugs helps create a strong vortex, while the prominent, beak-like spouts allow the most exacting control when pouring – essential for latte art.

The Motta barista range includes jugs, tampers, knock boxes, milk thermometers, chocolate and sugar shakers, latte art pens and decorating tools. The bartenders’ range includes cocktail shakers, strainers, spoons, muddlers, lemon squeezers and measures.

The tools are precision made with the utmost care and to the highest possible standard meaning that they will withstand day on day, year on year use in the busiest environments. Each item bears an etched number to guarantee authenticity and to enable traceability and is backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

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