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Breakfast market

Breakfast market

http://www.hopeforthewearymom.com/?strazu=strategie-binarie&028=88 strategie binarie binära optioner seb According to Allegra, around 21% of consumers eat breakfast out of home with around 8% doing so at least once a week, and the market is growing despite the recession. People tend to be short of time in the morning so opportunities for food to go businesses are there for the taking. Sue Dunk has some ideas.

billig Viagra sverige The breakfast occasion can be divided into two areas, says Country Choice’s Marketing Controller, Stephen Clifford.

algobit demo “You’ve got the early breakfast and the mid-morning snack (which for many people is simply late breakfast!) and it can account for up to 30% of food to go sales,” he says. “Broadly speaking, breakfast products fall into two categories: savoury - primarily breakfast baps; and sweet cakes/ pastries - mainly croissants and muffins. Both product categories are complemented by hot beverages, with coffee taking the lion’s share.”

binäre optionen gewinn auszahlen Stephen believes that shops near construction sites, offices, transport hubs, industrial estates or on busy A roads are onto a winner, particularly if they have a hot breakfast offering. “The earlier the start the better,” he says, “at least 7.00am if not before. Outlets that offer hot breakfasts will often get a reputation locally and quickly build up a loyal and regular customer base.

Tastylia Spain “Hot breakfast baps - bacon bap, sausage bap, and combinations thereof have a core customer base of manual workers in general, with ‘white van man’ and builders being good examples. And it’s not just the breakfast bap that these customers will buy. Tea or coffee normally accompanies the bap purchase.” The Country Choice breakfast bap programme comprises a series of components (bacon, sausage, omelette, bap and packaging) which can be assembled in various combinations and held hot for up to two hours in an appropriate self-serve display unit. Margins average around 45%.


opicione binarie The value of the premium sausage sector reportedly grew by 1.9% in 2010/2011 (www.lovepork.co.uk) and can easily form the basis of a quality sausage sandwich or bap that can be turned around in the time it takes to make a coffee: simply utilise pre-cooked sausages to keep the queues moving and make the most of a short window of opportunity. The Big Kitchen, for example, has a wide range of pre- cooked sausages including Pork, Regional, Gourmet and Reduced Fat, Reduced Salt varieties, while its range of Gourmet Sausages is especially good for high end outlets. These sausages - which contain no artificial colours or additives and use only natural ingredients - include Cumberland, Pork & Leek, Lincolnshire, Pork & Herb and Pork & Sun Dried Tomato.

binary options lowest deposit Jonathan Ashmore, Commercial Director of The Big Kitchen, stresses the convenience aspect of these sausages: “Because the sausages come fully cooked there is no need for hot oil or the large catering equipment usually associated with a hot food operation. The sausages require just a few minutes’ heating through and can be cooked to order so there is no waste. The upshot of this is that grab and go caterers are able to deal with the breakfast rush quickly and effectively.”

binäre optionen schweiz erfahrungen Emily Frank, Brand Manager at Heinz Food Service, says it’s important to offer customers an attractive alternative to snatching a piece of toast while leaving the house, or eating the same brand of cereal every day at their desks. “The sure way to win breakfast trade is by offering the right choice for your customer base and giving them the opportunity to personalise their menu selection,” she says.

“Breakfast menus need not be long and complicated,” adds Emily. “The key to maximising profit potential is keeping menus simple and well- priced so customers come back. By offering favourites such as a bacon sandwich, with the option of adding a choice of extras, the basic price can be kept low, while charges for the extras boost the final sale.”

The Heinz SqueezMe! range is ideal if you’re looking for chargeable condiments: research shows that 96% of customers would pay a minimum of 20p per SqueezMe! portion, a format which contains three times the amount of sauce as a regular sachet and is designed to be easier to dispense. With an eight-strong range of classics including Tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise, as well as popular Garlic Mayo and HP BBQ Sauce, the pods are an inexpensive way to modernise breakfast menus and offer a variety of different tastes to enable consumers to personalise their breakfast.


For a contemporary alternative to a breakfast bap or sandwich try using Tascas from La Pizza Company. These are fully baked, folded, soft bread pockets which are perfect for smaller operators wanting a quick and easy solution for breakfast: simply thaw, fill and serve, either hot or cold. Unlike panini, Tascas are fully baked and take just 90 seconds to heat through on a panini grill. They are also much softer to eat than a panini and are more versatile as fillings are held more securely within. With five popular ingredients, which you may well already be stocking for the lunchtime trade, you could offer this varied breakfast menu: Crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese and sliced tomato; Crispy bacon and creamy egg mayonnaise; Creamy egg mayonnaise and sliced tomato; Sausage and Cheddar cheese; Sausage and creamy egg mayonnaise.

For an even easier breakfast on the go take a look at the hot breakfast wrap from Impress Sandwiches. Says Managing Director Andrew Pocock: “We developed our breakfast wrap to help those without full kitchen facilities serve a hot, hand-held breakfast item that can be cooked quickly and served easily.” The tomato tortilla wrap, which heats on a panini grill in 4-6 minutes, is filled with egg, sweetcure bacon, Lincolnshire sausage, sliced mushrooms, Cheddar cheese and tomato ketchup and has a five-day shelf life.


The other side of breakfast is confectionery. “Both croissant and muffin product categories showed excellent growth in 2010/11”, says Country Choice’s Stephen Clifford. “A coffee and a croissant or muffin is, for many people, their regular breakfast, usually picked up on the way in to work. There is a slightly female bias to consumption and general popularity among office workers. Retailers near offices or educational establishments often do a good trade in coffee and croissants/muffins starting pre-9.00am but extending to late morning for those consumers who choose to take breakfast later.”

Kate Raison, Marketing Director at Lantmännen Unibake UK, comments: “Bakery products are incredibly convenient for eating on the go, as they are ready-to-eat and hand-holdable. For instance, filled croissants, Pain Chocolat and Pain Raisin are popular for people who are in a hurry or who want to eat breakfast at their desks.

“Customers are interested in new variations on popular themes or product types: there have been recent fresh developments in Danish such as lighter fruit fillings and new shapes which are expanding the market to a younger consumer. The Bakehouse branded Apricot & Almond Scroll has introduced a new shape to the Danish category, for example.” Or, she suggests, you can add value to a popular classic and take your breakfast offer upmarket in one easy move by slicing and filling a croissant with scrambled egg and smoked salmon.

Dawn Foods’ Marketing Manager, Jacqui Passmore, highlights the benefits of special offers: “We’ve found that special deals on coffee and a breakfast item encourage consumers to have something for breakfast as it offers the great value they have come to expect. And consumers often pick up their lunch with their morning coffee so this allows operators to extend their lunch service as well as improve their breakfast offering.

“Operators should offer products that consumers can eat easily on the go that they perhaps couldn’t get themselves at home. Also look to offer products that can be eaten throughout the day - like muffins - to ensure less waste and increased sales,” says Jacqui, who points to the Dawn Breakfast Muffin as a perfect example: it contains pumpkin seeds, raisons, dates, apricots and cranberries to give consumers a burst of energy with their morning coffee or tea.

Finally, if you’re serious about increasing early morning sales, consider promoting breakfast menus through flyers, door drops or texts to customers’ phones to give your outlet an edge and pull customers through the door.

Köp Cialis Sollefteå Breakfast items eaten out of the home*

Cooked breakfast (eg. eggs, bacon, beans, or tomatoes etc) - 42%
Hot roll (eg. bacon roll, sausage sandwich, etc) - 28%
Toast - 19%
Pastries (eg. croissant, Danish, pain au chocolat, etc) - 16%
Fruit - 15%
Cold sandwich (eg. smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel, etc) - 14%
Breakfast bars (eg. cereal bars) - 13%
Other bread product (eg. bagel, baguette, ciabatta) - 13%
Cold cereal (eg Cornflakes, Rice Krispies) - 12%
American-style breakfast (eg. pancakes, muffins, waffles, etc) - 11%
Continental-style breakfast (eg. croissant, cooked meats, cheese, fruit, yogurt, etc) - 11%
Yogurt or yogurt drink - 10%
Sliced bread or bread roll - 10%
Smoothie - 10%
Hot cereal (eg. porridge) - 9%
Granola/muesli, etc - 8%
Something else - 10%

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