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Business Profile- Kingfisher

خيار ثنائي يانغ باغوس opcje binarne jak czytać wykresy opcja binarna co to jest In January this year Kingfisher Fish & Chips was crowned Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year. The highly acclaimed accolade was passed to proud owners Nikki Mutton and Craig Maw who have become official ambassadors for the fish and chips industry. The hard working duo took the helm at Kingfisher four and a half years ago and since then have turned Plymouths fish and chip industry on its head and truly put the town on the map.

binäre optionen beste strategie The fish and chip industry has seen a turnaround in the last few years.  According to research by the NPD Group consumers spent approximately £3.1bn on eating seafood out of home last year, an increase of 1.5% on the previous year.  With more people choosing to holiday in the UK as opposed to embarking on potentially expensive overseas breaks, the great British public have truly stepped back in time to the good old days of sand in your shoes, ice-creams on the pier and a large portion of fish, chips and mushy peas. 

Köp Cialis Karlskrona After a stringent judging process consisting of months of multiple mystery shop visits and an in-depth audit of their menus, customer service, legal documents and training amongst others.  Nikki and Craig were delighted to be invited down to London to the prestigious awards ceremony where they were presented with the Fish and Chip Retailer of the Year trophy.  The last few months have seen Nikki and Craig embark on a flurry of media interviews, including a guest spot on This Morning. Winning the highly regarded price is a true testament to the popularity of fish and chips.
We speak to one half of the celebrated duo, Nikki Mutton, who explains why fish and chips are here to stay. 

http://sensuousmuse.com/?tormozok=opzioni-binarie-chi-le-ha-provate&fd4=86 opzioni binarie chi le ha provate köpa Cialis i tyskland Could you tell us about Kingfisher?

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We worked for Kingfishers previous owner, we both did, Craig for the last 20 years and myself for the last 13.  Four and a half years ago we had the opportunity of a management buyout, which we did in September 2012.  From that point on we changed absolutely everything, from the chips we use, to the fish we source.  We have tried to upgrade absolutely every aspect of the business, even simple little things like for example we used to buy in mushy peas but now we make our own, we also make our own Tartar sauce, we have concentrated on quality.  The point is that in the last four and a half years we have managed to quadruple sales and as a result of that, it proves that people do want quality. 

الخيارات الثنائية التداول البرمجيات إشارة köpa Viagra snabb leverans What did you change when you took over?

where can i buy Priligy no prescription in Syracuse New York The previous owner used to source in chips that were ready done, the first thing we did when we took over was to made our own chips and straight away that’s the first thing people noticed, that the chips were ‘proper chippy chips’.  We’ve always had a loyal customer base but we’ve managed to grow that and we’ve gone further afield to Plymouth and sounding areas.  When we started to do well in the competitions we started getting people from further afield.  We came second last year (in the Fish and Chip Awards) which encouraged people to come from surrounding areas like Exeter, but when we became the UK’s number one in January they (started) coming from all around the country and even abroad.  We have had (visitors) from Hong Kong and Canada.  We also get a lot of people from Nottingham and London.  People love Fish and Chips.

Strattera till salu What dish do you recommend?

We actually have a world record for the most amount of MSC certified fish.  MSC stands for the Marine Stewardship Council, it is an authority that regulates sustainability on species of fish.  We currently have a world record amount, we have 12 of them on our menu.  We range from the traditional cod and haddock and we have also gone a little bit more quirky and we have got things like salmon and hoki.

Myself? I love cod and chips, that is my all-time favourite but we also have MSC Cornish hake on the menu and that is absolutely delicious if people wanted to try something a little bit different or we’ve got Cornish sardine fishcakes, they’re really good as well.

binäre optionen online spiel What makes you different from other fish and chip shops?

Plymouth has got a lot of fish and chip shops, obviously because we are a seaside town, so there is a lot around us.  We’re quite fortunate, were not actually on the Barbican and there are loads of fish and chip shops there.  We are 7 miles inland so we are actually in a residential estate, we’ve not got a lot of competition around us.  But I think that we stand out anyway, our shop is lime green and it’s got a great visual as opposed to most other fish and chip shops.  It definitely makes us stand out, if we had shops next to us that were competitors I think we would still stand out and it’s a nice clean environment as opposed to some shops you see that aren’t so good.
www auto binäres optionen trading com Is there anything that has inspired you to get you through the difficult times?

The main problem fish & chip shops have is staffing, there has been times when we’ve thought this is difficult, but then we’ve contacted other people in the industry and they have confirmed (to us) that they have the same issues so we don’t feel alone. 
We always dreamed of entering the Fish and Chip Awards and doing well there, that’s been our drive to push forward and get through those hard times, but when you know other shops are struggling with the same issues, that does put your mind at ease and (you do) think, no actually we are going to combat this and we are going to get through it.  We have got a great team, we’ve got a team of 22 in our shop and we’ve pulled together.  We’ve just started (creating) a structure to it, we have a management team in place there as well to free us up to do editorial as well as fish and chips.  We are very fortunate with the team we have got now, definitely, it does take a long time to get there.

opleiding binaire opties Your ambition was to win the Fish &Chip Awards, how did that feel?

It was amazing, we were absolutely delighted.  As I said, we came second last year and I thought we stand a chance this year so we did everything we could we improved where we could, to make everything ourselves, the shop the product, everything, better.  So when we did get our name called out in London it was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.  I know it sounds corny, but it’s what dreams are made of, we aspired to do something, but when you actually get there, there are no words for it really. 
We hit a lot of the tabloid newspapers a day after the awards and had a 100% increase in sales, that has slowed down slightly now, but it is phenomenal, the increase in sales that the awards can bring and the promotion of fish and chips is amazing.

the colour of money game show online What has been your biggest highlight so far?

The biggest would be January when we won the awards, we were amongst friends and industry experts and it is where everybody aspires to be.  It was an amazing day, the applaud we got was amazing, we watch videos of it now and it still brings a tear to our eye, it was that great.  Obviously you go through phases if somebody gives you negative feedback, or something like that (especially if) it’s uncalled for.  A lot of people don’t realise the time and effort that goes into fish and chips, but I wouldn’t change anything.

We made a lot of changes and every time we have said that is the best thing we have ever done, but actually the best thing is actually buying the shop, it’s allowed us to push ourselves push the industry and make people fall in love with fish and chips again.

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What does the future hold?

This next year we are seen as ambassadors for fish and chips so anything in the media, or anything that is going on around F&C’s we are the first port of call.  But we don’t want to give up, so next year when there is a new winner we won’t be backing down, we will be continuing, we want to push fish and chips as far as we can and help the industry grow

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