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Clean up your act

Clean up your act

türk ikili opsiyon şirketleri binäre optionen demokonto ohne einzahlung QuickBite takes a look at warewashers – what should you be considering when making a new purchase?

registered forex brokers in cyprus “Warewashing is an essential part of any catering operation and often something which is greatly deliberated when it comes to quality and consistency but one which is regularly overlooked when considering the best ways to conserve energy,” comments Simon Frost, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk. “Used throughout the day, a single warewasher can use a considerable amount of water, electricity, cleaning chemicals and man hours, all of which can be significantly reduced by selecting the correct model for an individual establishment’s needs.”

binära optioner bonus Having recently launched into the UK market, Wexiödisk has already established the company’s range of warewashers as some of the most environmentally friendly, yet reliable and consistent appliances in the industry. Building on extensive experience in Scandinavia, where the brand commands over 90% of the warewashing market, Wexiödisk has utilised a commitment to the environment through the introduction of some energy saving features.

where buy Requip The WD-6 Duplus, a single tank hood machine is said to be ideal for most commercial kitchens. Using a world first, pioneering double-rinse sequence, this patented Duplus technology results in just one litre of fresh water being used per cycle. This low water consumption, together with the models minimal use of cleaning chemicals, ensures operators can achieve low energy consumption and improved efficiency from their warewashing processes.

opcje binarne alior bank In addition to the Duplus technology, the WD-6 utilises a patented forward tilting hood which allows the steam to be released towards the rear of the machine. Collected by an innovative heat recovery system at the top of the unit, the warm steam further saves energy by converting the previously wasted heat into a useful warming source for incoming water being used in the next cycle. Not only does this help to increase energy savings but helps to significantly improve the working conditions for the operator.

migliori siti di trading binario It’s not just the environmental considerations that Wexiödisk has focused on. An innovative ‘Autostart’ feature senses when a basket is in place, before closing the hood and initiating the wash cycle automatically. “Once finished, the hood lifts, allowing a natural drying process to begin immediately. Not only timesaving, this feature also results in dry dishes with no smears and crockery and cutlery with fewer watermarks,” explains Simon.

Passthrough warewashers

opizioni binarie Winterhalter’s latest PT series of passthrough warewashers has new systems that make them extra fast, cutting wash times and increasing capacity. 

Seroquel with repronex The EnergyLight system reduces the time needed to heat up the rinse water by 26%, by continuously pre-heating the incoming water supply. At the same time the company says it cuts running costs, because it uses the energy in the machine’s wastewater to heat the inlet water, via a heat exchanger. 

buy testosterone pills walmart Meanwhile the PT has a clever way of managing the energy which reduces the cleaning time for each wash cycle, increasing the rack capacity by up to 28% per hour. It does this by channelling the power available to whichever component of the warewasher needs it most at that given point in time. 

الخيار ثنائي تداول العملات الأجنبية Collectively the systems deliver the fastest possible wash times. Despite shorter wash cycles, brilliant cleaning results are guaranteed thanks to the PT’s flexible VarioPower, which adjusts water pressure to match the dirtiness and delicacy of the ware; the elliptical jet wash fields, which ensure total coverage of the PT’s interior; and the patented full-flow filtration system, which keeps the wash water fresh and clean. 

opzioni binarie bufala “The PT is not only faster, it’s also the first passthrough that allows washing to be continuous, with no waiting between racks,” says Paul Crowley, Marketing Manager of Winterhalter. 

binäre optionen hütchen template The PT is available in three sizes, medium, large and extra-large. All have theoretical capacities of over 70 racks per hour, using the short wash programme.   

сустанон 300 фармаком отзывы “With a huge variety of warewashing equipment available to quick service and casual dining sites, they need to choose a brand that is right for the needs of their business – now and in the future when energy costs seem likely to continue to rise,” advises Tim Bender, UK Sales Director – Warewashing at Hobart UK.

como usar opciones binarias “Being more environmentally aware doesn’t preclude them from making marked economic savings, however. Employing modern, cutting edge warewashing technology not only offers operators some of the cleanest glassware, tableware and cutlery, it also gives them a way to make real-world savings on rising utilities.”

frodi opzioni binarie New to the market and said to be ideal for the needs of kitchens across the hospitality spectrum is Hobart’s latest and most innovative series of FX undercounter and GX glasswasher machines. Both offer customers a potential 30% reduction^ in operational costs compared to a current Hobart model and a host of new features and benefits, alongside the established reliability, efficiency and build-quality associated with all Hobart equipment. Just one machine can reduce the CO2 emissions of an operation by over 1000 kg** in a year, while switching to Hobart’s FX to wash 50 cycles per day, 365 days a year could save 1700 kWh of energy, 20,000 litres of water and 65 litres of chemicals***.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription Operators can also save further time and energy and improve kitchen efficiency with the brand new optional ‘2 in 1’ racking system which doubles the machine’s capacity allowing for larger loads when most needed, while all of the machine’s functionality can now be controlled at the touch of a single button. The new intelligent Visiotronic display lights up automatically when your hand approaches the panel and can be fully customised for ease-of-use to include messages with clear text and/or symbols. 

Hobart is launching new versions of its PREMAX AMX and AUP hood-type warewashers offering larger sites significant time, resource and utility savings.

“The new warewashers are the most economically efficient hood-type machines on the market, helping caterers make a killing on utility savings,” enthuses Tim. “Newly added are a host of in-built technologies to give valuable time back to operators and help keep kitchens ticking in the heat of service.”

For many catering operations, rigorous manual pre-washing of heavily soiled ware can be one of the most time-intensive kitchen tasks. Hobart’s new intensive Power Plus Wash Programme makes this practice a thing of the past, offering caterers perfect, hygienic results, no matter how long the soiled items have been in situ.

The patented technology employs steam washing to remove even the hardiest of food residues including:

• Difficult-to-eliminate dried proteins
• Starch residues
• Even knives and forks can be washed without prior soaking

Product development

Utilising its in-depth understanding of market trends, and being a business founded on high quality customer service, Sammic boasts a new product development programme that is focused on the needs of the operator. It employs some of the most advanced design and engineering methods available in the manufacture of its products, resulting in a range of equipment that is widely recognised for its simplicity, reliability and affordability.

“Warewashing is an exact science and is hugely innovative within the catering industry to the extent that every year, manufacturers launch new ideas and performance-enhancing technologies to ensure an optimal cleaning result, reduced costs for the operator and ‘greener’ enhancements for the environment,” comments Adam Krause, Operations Manager, Sammic UK Ltd.

Across Sammic’s range of warewashers there are examples of this. Adam’s two top tips when buying glass or ware washers are:

1. Prior to committing to purchase any equipment requiring drainage, take the time to check exactly where the unit will be installed and where the drain (stand pipe) is positioned in relation to it. If you buy a unit without a drain pump and your drains are higher than the outlet of the machine (normally located at the base) you will not be able to drain the unit. This will result in a costly resolution and potentially a return of the unit
2. When choosing a warewasher, know your power supply. Is it 13, 20-30+ amp single or three phase. Look at the benefits of both internal and external water softeners and check your water pressure. If it’s below 2 bar you will need to consider a booster pump.
3. Lastly, check the size of your ware; we have seen a rise in the popularity of taller glasses and larger plates - will they fit?

“In any catering establishment it is crucial that all plates, cups, cutlery etc. are hygienically cleaned during the warewashing process,” says Heather Beattie, Vogue Brand Manager for Nisbets Plc. “New regulations soon come in to place meaning caterers will be required to show ‘due diligence’ regarding the temperature of their warewashing cycle during the final rinse – ensuring it reaches the optimum temperature for hygienic cleaning of 82°C.”

To help assist catering professionals in effectively monitoring and recording their warewashing temperature, the new Vogue dishwasher strips from Nisbets are said to be ideal. Made up of a blue bar that turns orange once the machine has reached 82°C, the dishwasher strips can simply be looped around the dishwasher rack and removed after the wash cycle.

A date and signature can then be written directly on the strip, before being placed in a log book ready to show the Environmental Health Officer during their next visit.

Wash and store solution

Artis, a leading supplier of cutlery, tableware, glassware and barware, is offering its 500mm² GoldPlas racking system as the solution to the commercial challenges of washing, transporting and storing glassware.

The racking system enables the secure collection, washing and storage of glassware in appropriately sized divisional compartments, within strong, stackable racks.

The company believes that its GoldPlas racks are ideal for collecting glassware at outside events and in pub gardens, offering safe, secure collection of glassware, and the advantage of being able to be put racks straight into the dishwasher and then store them, without the need to pack and unpack glassware unnecessarily.

The chances of chipping, breaking and scuffing the glassware are significantly reduced, as each glass is securely held in the correct size of compartment, where they cannot knock against each other. Once washed, the glasses can remain in their racks, and then can be stacked on a wheeled dolly, ready for the next drinks service.

Ideal for the hire and event caterer market, where glasses are used on a more intermittent basis, the GoldPlas system is a cost effective ‘wash and store’ solution, whereby glasses can be washed, stored and transported securely and remain completely dust-free within the closed-sided ware-wash racking, ready for use at a later date.

GoldPlas racks can be stacked on a rack dolly, which can be wheeled easily, especially useful for outdoor/location catering and bar service.

There are also Rack covers available to help to keep glassware dust-free in short-term transportation/storage situations. The many different sized compartments available also make the racks suitable for the collection and washing of crockery and trays.

“The racks are cost effective, helping to reduce the number of breakages and therefore extending the service life of glassware before replacement purchases become necessary,” says Artis. “By using a racking system, operators will make savings by preventing costly breakages during the washing process.”

Monday, 29th September, 2014
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