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Digital menus – with a difference

Digital menus – with a difference

köp kamagra oral jelly trader opzioni binarie One of the key aspects of signage for the food industry is how to present your menu to your customers. This includes posters in the window, menus by the door, blackboards behind the counter, overhead ‘light boxes’ at the counter, or even food photos on the walls

http://vanclarke.com/?internacionaleit=come-spostare-in-banca-i-soldi-delle-azioni-binarie&e2f=77 come spostare in banca i soldi delle azioni binarie Over the last few years we have seen the emergence of ‘digital signage’, sometimes called digital menu boards when used for menus. But what does ‘digital’ give you and is it worth the cost?

opções binárias trader If you look at the big burger chains such as McDonalds, they saw coffee sales increase by an average of 4.5% during a study of 43 stores showing coffee animations; similarly, purchases of Chicken Selects rose by 11% (source: comqi.com).

dpro binary option com chi lo conosce When put into other stores, not only can you influence the customer, but you can do significant upsell. If you show mouth watering melting ice-creams on hot afternoons; people will buy.

forex news The key to digital menus is keeping the content relevant at all times, and simple to update. Make use of the ability to show different content at different times of day, or show promotions to get rid of extra stock. Avoid advertising what you are not selling at the time.

cosa sono le opzioni binarie 60 If you are considering digital menus, what should you look out for?

Do’s and Advantages

  • Make use of animations (it catches people’s eye)
  • Short video clips shows off your food better than static images
  • A display can save lots of wall space, as it can show multiple ‘pages’ one after another, rather than needing lots of menus
  • When using multiple displays, ensure that the key menu items are always visible. (Many slide show systems can end up with all screens showing the same advert at the same time and you get upset customers unable to see the core menu)
  • Look at systems with remote update features. Basic systems require you to update each display with a USB stick, while others update themselves via 3G or WiFi at no effort

Don’t and Disadvantages

  • Don’t show ice cream on cold days, or steamy hot drinks in heat waves
  • Don’t show full menu details for non-valid menus (e.g. don’t show the full breakfast menu in the afternoon)
  • Many systems are only ‘paged slide or video’ shows. These are good if you are a large chain with a good marketing department to redo all your graphics for every menu change
  • If your menu does not change much during the day, avoid systems where you fill schedule slots, and instead go for systems where the content is common, but ‘adapted’ by time of day
  • Don’t put TV screens directly over hot cooking areas

Can smaller independents afford it?

var köper man Viagra säkert You may assume they are unaffordable, as they often very expensive. So much so that many of the larger chains are still only using them in their high volume outlets (such motorway service stations).

differenza tra opzioni binarie e forex However, Custom Adaptive have managed to take the features you would normally expect with very high end systems, and packaged it all together in an easy to use solution that is priced low enough for the small independents to use, and completely avoids the need for a graphics agency to put your menu images together. They even let you avoid the initial outlay for TV screens by renting them, lease purchase, or even use your own. Screen content is provided by a small ‘behind the set’ box (media player), avoiding PC and cable management issues.

ikili opsiyon haram mıdır The company’s menu systems are also unique – they create their displays at the set box, using an internet based menu database. As menus change, outlets simply use a smartphone, iPad or website to change the menu, and the displays will update themselves, resizing the text or layout based on what fits best.

opcje binarne paypal If something goes out of stock, instant updates are now possible, a few seconds via your smartphone and it is no longer on your display, and customers stop asking for it. Ideal if you need to adapt prices based on local competition, or do specials based on stock. This even applies to chains, where common menus can be in place, but local stock control ensures each menu displayed is current for that location. Content can also adapt based on time of day (lunch specials not showing in the evening), or day of week (daily soups/specials show the right day).

billig Sildenafil Citrate snabb leverans All this may sound expensive. However, Custom Adaptive says that if you can sell just one cup of tea or a burger a day extra by using the digital menus, it will pay for itself. The company charges a simple low cost service fee for the system (which includes the media player), with no extras for making changes.

opcje binarne forum opinie Custom Adaptive have a suite of joined up products, including a multi-lingual wall or floor mounting information station that lets your customers browse the menu and look up ingredient and allergy information. Ideal for covering you for the EU1169/2011 (Allergy and Ingredient Labelling) laws coming in this year. Redirect the allergy queries over to the information point, and free of your queue. It can even take orders (fast track order point anyone?)

Monday, 7th July, 2014
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