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Home Delivery and Online Ordering

http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-schulung binäre optionen schulung can i buy cytotec no prescription in Lowell Massachusetts ikili opsiyon uzman tv The UK food delivery market is worth upwards of £3.6 billion with exponential growth expected in the next three years due to the massive potential of online ordering platforms. Industry aggregators Just Eat have helped to change the UK’s eating habits by taking the hassle out of ordering your favourite meal.

الرسم البياني لتداول العملات الأجنبية In fact, according to NPD Group data, the demand for home delivery of ready to eat food grew 10 times faster than for dining out, reaching an encouraging £599 million visits last year.  Proving that consumers are reacting well to developments in online ordering technology. Victoria Hatch, Non-Executive Director of click and collect food ordering app mmmLunch predicts that by 2020 online orders will make upwards of 10% of all quick service restaurant sales “Online ordering and embracing all and any digital channel isn’t something that should just be considered, it’s vital if you want to do business in todays ‘on-demand’ world.”

mit binären optionen handeln wo The influx of new and exciting delivery options such as those provided by Hungryhouse and UberEats has seen the home delivery sector increase in visits by a huge 50% since 2008.  The desire for quick convenient takeaway food served hot and fresh to your home is confirmed, as new analysis into Britain’s spending habits estimates that of the £1.9 million spent by the average UK household over the course of a year, £14,000 of that will be spent on takeaways, which is a lot of pizzas, burgers and fries.  As Nazim Maniar, of ‘Sweetheat’ UK based producers of heated food delivery bags, points out “Orders can be placed from the comfort of your own home with a click of an app whilst you’re watching your favourite programmes.”

forex e trading on line italiano Pioneers such as Just Eat have designed a straightforward concept, whereby takeaways sign up, pay a fee and they take 14% of each order.  This benefits the takeaway who does not have to deal with complicated web pages and apps and it means they can concentrate on the most important thing, providing great food to their customer.  McDonalds recent announcement of their intention to begin offering UK delivery services this summer, is extremely telling of the direction food delivery will take.  McDonalds noted the increase in delivery resulted in ‘significant disruptions’ as through technology, delivery is continuing to change the way customers order, pay, track and receive food. 

http://thegobblersknob.com/?savikshyster=libro-opciones-binarias&1cf=a9 libro opciones binarias Since 2011 the growth in ownership of smartphones has seen food delivery start-ups receive more attention.  The increased power of our smartphones has changed how many businesses run and therefore have made it possible for supply to match increasing consumer demand.  One such example is fast growing start-up Deliveroo, who have the potential to make an even bigger change to the home delivery market.  Unlike the aggregators their use of couriers to deliver meals from restaurants that previously did not offer delivery means that the food can often arrive much more quickly than that of their rivals.  The proof is in the results as Deliveroo announced a growth in orders of 650% in 2016, which included a 10% increase in orders midweek and a 20% increase in lunchtime orders

http://300seconds.co.uk/?sefer=es-seguro-invertir-en-opciones-binarias es seguro invertir en opciones binarias Technology as with most industries is expected to push this continuing market forward, with androids emerging as the latest craze.  Dominos released news of a pizza delivery robot in Europe and Just Eat trialled a delivery bot in London both attempting to improving efficiency using robotics.  Victoria elaborates “One thing is clear though, customers are expecting more and more. Whether it’s cashless payments or automatic loyalty stamps, these are all things that we need to be offering our customers now or risk losing them to those other companies who have adopted these ‘future’ technologies.”  Mobile ordering of course is a part of this, according to the Digital in 2017 Global Review more than half of the world uses a smartphone and by 2019 smartphones are expected to capture more daily online time than all other devices combined.  Recent figures released by Dominos exemplified the trend as they found that of all orders placed online 61% of those were placed on mobile devices.  As smartphones get faster and more accessible and with home cooking on the decline, modern consumers have begun to embrace the shift to mobile and it is important for businesses to embrace this change also.

Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription However, there is still room for improvement, as last year Just Eat estimated that 6 out of 10 takeaway orders were still placed over the telephone with the rest placed online, however they did evaluate that this will shrink to fewer than 4 in 10, ironically the mobile phone will facilitate this.  Online ordering in general simplifies and speeds up the process, consumers generally prefer to shop online due to overall convenience and transparency, naturally they will also come to expect this from their takeaway orders and is a significant indictor of the future of mobile ordering.  According to the office for national statistics as of 2016, 95% of UK households owned a mobile phone, to put this into perspective 95% of people have central heating meaning that many people see it as a necessity.

come funzionano le operazioni binarie Over the years developments in the takeaway industry have contributed to its huge success and continued growth.  Despite the attempted demonization of fast food, vendors have continued to adapt and offer its patrons a wider variety of food and drink.  Healthier ranges are apparent in most fast food menus, as well as free-from options and a better variety of vegan and vegetarian options.  Using online apps and web browsers to read menus means consumers are more likely to make an informed choice from a selection of takeaways, therefore the importance of offering an up to date, user friendly interface has never been more significant.  Steven Rolfe Managing Director of pointOne EPoS elaborates “Offering an online ordering ‘click and collect’ service to customers is a key way to enhance the customer experience and attract and retain business.  Online Ordering also enables customers to order days in advance, which improves convenience for them and streamlines your business so you can manage and process future orders easier.”

binära optioner system So, with online ordering set to take the crown from traditional phone ordering how can takeaways maintain their appeal with their customers?  As surely the removal of face to face interaction naturally makes the whole process much more difficult for the business in regards to customer interaction and service, or does it? Steven explains “Recent research has highlighted that QSR and takeaway restaurants are the fastest growing sectors in the UK. Whilst these figures are very encouraging to the fast-food operator they also suggest that competition has never been greater, with the consumer now having so much choice. The businesses that will benefit the most from this growth will be the ones that offer good old fashion values such as excellent customer service and value.”

seroquel 100 mg Of course takeaways have been delivering for years and spending on takeaways is currently continuing to boom in the UK due to the rise of a breed of new online ordering firms and applications.  mmmLunch is one such platform which offers businesses an easy to set up food ordering app that can be fully branded, with a website and a marketing pack included in the deal.  Victoria Hatch explains the benefits of choosing such a service “Convenience is one of the most important factors for customers when considering how to order, digital and mmmLUNCH specifically makes it easier to order online and removes all unnecessary steps that slows up the process. mmmLUNCH maximises the power of mobile convenience for your customers to enjoy and benefit from, all fully supported by our team who personally take on board each new client.” 

There are many factors to deliberate when deciding whether to branch out into online ordering and home delivery.  With it hitting the headlines more and more frequently and the massive rise in home delivery visits over the last few years, it seems that the move over to online ordering and home delivery is inevitable for more and more businesses.  As Victoria explains “What makes online ordering particularly enticing is that online ordering actually increase the average spend by each individual customer by up to 20% than in person or on the phone.”  Another benefit is that the chances of miscommunication are also minimised as customers are able to ‘self-reflect’ on their order before finalising, leading to happy customers and an efficient ordering system. 

1960bet binary option What service providers are there in the market and what do they offer by way of support for businesses?

Victoria “There are numerous service providers popping up which aim to connect retailers with the new generation of connected customers. Here at mmmLUNCH we do just that, providing food to go retailers with their own click and collect app without the associated high cost or hassle and provide a totally free of charge marketing pack. Online ordering significantly boosts customer loyalty and increases the amount the customer spends by up to 20% more.”
Steven “We believe that in order to fully benefit from online ordering the technology has to enable restaurants to integrate this service into their wider PoS set-up.  Our solutions include browser-based ordering, iPhone and Android apps and in-store order points such as kiosks.  For operators that choose to offer a ‘click and deliver’ service then adopting a driver management solution would also be useful to manage deliveries to the customer.”

خيار ثنائي الروبوت Là الإدارة ما What equipment/technology do businesses need to ensure a successful home delivery service?

Steven “Your EPoS solution provider needs to have a platform that can integrate real time online ordering technology. Whether this is in the form of a web page, an app or an in-house order point/kiosk it needs to fully integrate with the EPoS. As it web based no physical hardware is required, other than your EPoS set-up, however if you are going to provide an online ordering service to your customers then you should also consider that they will expect to be able to order online via an iPhone or Android app.”
Nazir “Sweetheat offer the perfect solution with its heated delivery system. The Bags ensure food is always delivered piping hot to the consumer each and every time. With its heating technology the bags heat up to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and will maintain this for a good 30-40 minutes, ensuring delicious hot food.”
Victoria “Hopefully as little as possible! Technology is moving at such a fast pace it’s becoming really hard for businesses to justify taking the leap with some new tech. As soon as you purchase a particular model, the manufacturer has brought out a newer model, making you feel like you’re using old out- dated technology. Here at mmmLUNCH we handle all of that - you’ve likely already got everything you need to use mmmLUNCH - an internet connection! There’s no need to make big investments in technology that will be out of date tomorrow.”

Tastylia Spain What does the future hold for home delivery and online ordering?

Steven “Cashless payments and self-service are the developing trends in this sector. Customer-facing cashless kiosks are now being introduced in many restaurants complementing online ordering by extending click and collect to an in-store option and is already proving very popular with customers.  Whilst this technology is still relatively new, many QSR operators on the high street will have this on their radar.”

http://markmymusic.com/?u=%D8%AA%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%8A%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D9%84%D9%83%D8%B3%D8%A8-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%84&490=21 تدوين المدونات لكسب المال Who is doing home delivery and online ordering best? And what can businesses learn from them?

Victoria “Companies that are really excelling in the food to go and take away industry are the service companies,  like Deliveroo, who are providing services which retailers can make use of - allowing them to increase their customer base without needing to spend their time organising delivery logistics. Or mmmLUNCH who take the admin hassle out of accepting click and collect orders. You can even see this behaviour from companies as colossal as Apple and Google. When they want to start offering new products or services, more often than not they don’t start working on these new features from scratch. They’ll go and acquire companies who are already offering similar services. They know that they can succeed much faster by making use of the skills and knowledge these companies have… there’s no longer any need to reinvent the wheel. It’s often much more cost effective and less risk to approach a company already offering the services you’re looking to use.”

Steven “The traditional home delivery experts like Dominos do this very well and have no doubt invested heavily in technology over the last 5 years to stay ahead of game. What can we learn? If you are going to offer home delivery via a digital ordering platform then do it well and don’t cut corners.  It needs to be slick and professional.  The customer purchase path and experience must be easy, fast and reliable. This doesn’t mean you have to invest lots of money, but do your research and invest wisely.”

binary option robot If you don’t currently offer online ordering or home delivery as a business how do you start?

Steven “We operate in a fast-changing market, so you need to review the options out there and look for an EPoS provider that offers this and other web based ordering technologies that are fully integrated with an Enterprise level EPoS system designed specifically for the QSR space. The provider must also be a company committed to on-going development focused on this sector.”

As the takeaway food industry continues to expand into new and exciting revenue channels, it is no wonder it is currently estimated that UK adults consume 22 million fast food and takeaway meals every week, according to data released by YouGov. The possibilities seem to be endless as technology is updated and improved constantly.  Not forgetting of course the convenience to the consumer, a survey by Mintel (2016) suggested that one of the top reasons for ordering a takeaway was due to having no time to cook, this will only increase as more eateries and third party ordering services improve their online services.

Social media and smartphones will most definitely make an impact on the future of delivery services, as apps now become as easy to use as picking up a phone and making a call.  Apps let you save your favourite orders, collect loyalty points with ease and open up the possibility of ‘one tap ordering’.  With tech improving all the time, reaching people at the point of hunger has never been easier.

A recent analysis into eating trends by popular social media platform Facebook, found that 21% of occasional diners (who also tend to be more loyal to their favourite brands) and 48% of frequent diners would place an order for fast food on Facebook messenger.  This instant access to food on the go, through a device that is ‘always in their hand’ is an exciting prospect for the quick service industry.

Friday, 2nd June, 2017
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