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Ice-cream and  frozen alternatives

Ice-cream and frozen alternatives

Tastylia Supplier fibonacci forex trading strategies Independent research into the frozen desserts market, conducted by Kerrymaid, has been revealed in their Share Good Times Report which shows that 53% of the 800 million desserts consumed in the UK every year are ice cream centred

ukoptions “The report demonstrates ice cream continues to enjoy sustained popularity, reinforced by research from Mintel, which measured an 85% penetration of the UK market in June 2013,” says Grace Keenan, Brand Manager for Kerrymaid.

köpa Viagra rhodos “Partnership with a recognised brand such as Kerrymaid Angelito, which has been loved by consumers for more than 40 years, helps operators generate trust in their offer and drive sales. The delicious creamy taste of Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix offers the taste of real Irish dairy with the smooth texture customers expect from this iconic snack.”

bestes buch binäre optionen Kerrymaid says that operators can easily upsell consumers from a plain ice cream to a visually appealing sundae by incorporating toppings such as sauces, toppings and DaVinci Gourmet drizzles. The much-loved flavours of Butterscotch, Chocolate and Strawberry are part of the DaVinci Gourmet range of drizzles, allowing operators to respond to the trend for personalisation. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, DaVinci Gourmet drizzles are packaged in easy to use squeezy bottles, allowing them to be displayed on caterers’ countertops where they can be upsold as optional extras.

binaire opties voorspellen “Kerrymaid UHT Frozen Yogurt Mix gives operators the chance to stay ahead of the latest trends in the market and create a profitable point of difference in their offer,” continues Grace. “In the recent survey by Kerrymaid, consumers perceive it as a more virtuous choice, with 50% of respondents saying they saw frozen yogurt as healthier than ice cream. Kerrymaid UHT Frozen Yogurt is virtually fat free, and contains less than 100 calories per serving.”

opzioni binarie 60 secondi sonia salerno According to Mintel, sales of frozen yogurt have doubled in the last three years, and this demand is generated through a high number of repeat purchases – 48% of respondents in the Kerrymaid Share Good Times report had tried it and said they would do so again. Frozen yogurt remains relevant in all day parts, with one third of all respondents viewing it as an anytime treat.

tradin binario applicazione migliore “Like Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix, Kerrymaid UHT Frozen Yogurt Mix can be upsold with a range of different personalised toppings: syrups, fruit, nuts and granola are the most popular,” explains Grace. “Syrups from DaVinci Gourmet’s Fruit Innovations range can be added to the mix when it is in the machine, creating flavoured options as varied as Lemon and Lime, Pineapple and Passion Fruit.
“The majority of ice cream sales are impulse purchases, so using tent cards and menus with appetising imagery can drive sales. Working with its brand status, Kerrymaid Angelito boasts a range of eye-catching POS, including flags and swing signs.

metodi opzioni binarie “Both Kerrymaid Angelito and Kerrymaid UHT Frozen Yogurt Mix can also be stored at ambient temperature, simplifying storage and ordering, and reducing costs for operators.”

köpa kvinnlig Viagra When it comes to providing an appetising and enticing dessert offering, the key is often in the writing of the menu. It is surprising how often an establishment menu just refers to ‘ice cream’.  Think how much more tempting it would be if the menu highlighted the wonderful flavours being offered with a short and concise description of the quality ingredients within. Identifying the high quality of ice cream being sold to customers not only encourages purchase but also helps to position a chef as a user of finest quality ingredients across the board.

m iqoption co “Ice cream, in its many flavours and varieties, offers the perfect end to a delicious meal,” comments Christina Veal, Director at New Forest Ice Cream. “Not over filling, yet refreshing, vibrant and capable of satisfying a customer’s craving for something sweet, ice cream provides a cost effective treat at the end of a satisfying dining experience.

opcje binarne ing “Additionally, ice cream provides caterers with an offering which commands a high profit margin for increased sales.”

opzioni binarie a partire da 1 euro As summer approaches Christina points out that it’s also important to re-evaluate the flavours on your dessert menu. “Having the key flavours of ice cream; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry on the menu is essential but why not start to look at more unusual ‘summer’ flavours? Popular varieties from New Forest include the vibrant, award-winning Oriental Ginger or even something exotic such as Mojito sorbet or the delicious Peach Bellini ice cream.”

http://maxbaillie.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1468951989.7808840274810791015625 broker opzioni binarie demo Ice cream doesn’t have to just be a stand-alone dessert. Carefully selecting flavours to complement another dessert adds a real depth and sense of quality to a dessert menu. For example, New Forest Ice Cream’s Clotted Cream flavour goes perfectly with a slice of homemade chocolate cake or their award winning and unique Liquorice flavour tastes great when used as an accompaniment to a citrus cheesecake, vanilla panna cotta or tiramisu.

köp Viagra 130 mg “Ice cream should not only be reserved for those eating a meal or even those sitting down,” advises Christina. “Offering ice cream to take away can help increase profits and can draw customers inside an establishment. Ideal for outlets in tourist locations, ice cream makes the perfect impulse purchase.

Köp Strattera på nätet Hultsfred “If promoted outside by point of sale, it can highlight the product as people pass by and can drive them in.”

Updating dessert menus

tipos opções binárias Swedish baker Almondy believes it has created a way for operators to effortlessly update dessert menus and profit from the family pound.

While Almondy cakes are traditionally enjoyed as a standalone slice, caterers can easily add value – along with a higher mark-up – by serving them as a sundae alongside ice cream, which remains one of the UK’s favourite desserts according to the latest Horizons Menurama report. The new serving suggestions have been developed to capture the imagination of children and adults alike – Toblerone Sundae, Daim Sundae, Daim Kids Sundae and Peanut and Caramel Sundae – and are available to view on Almondy’s website to help operators tap into the growing demand for confectionary inspired desserts.

Andrew Ely, Managing Director of Almondy, comments: “The perfect match of ice cream with popular confectionery brands has already been harnessed by high street chains and is evident in the success of McDonald’s McFlurry partnership with Crunchie and Smarties and Pizza Hut’s Munchies ice cream. Sundaes are a winning combination for adults and kids alike so we are confident operators will be able to reap the rewards of our serving suggestions.”

By crumbling naturally gluten-free Almondy Toblerone, Daim or Peanut & Caramel over ice cream, pubs, restaurants and cafés can create a range of sundaes that appeal to the whole family. In fact, recent independent research commissioned by Almondy* found that customers are 22% more likely to eat sweet treats when out with children. Add this to research** that shows Almondy is recognised by 24% of UK consumers, and that 50% of respondents would order the Swedish cake if they saw it on the menu, and it’s easy to see why Almondy Sundaes are a simple way to up sell orders and increase profits.

“With the predicted 100 days of summer approaching, it’s highly likely there will be an increase in those choosing to eat out of home and we are keen to support caterers create a dessert menu that will appeal to those people, particularly families – an often profitable demographic for operators,” adds Andrew. “As well as our suggestions, caterers will be inspired and create their own combinations to make their menus truly unique.”

Almondy’s dedicated foodservice range comes frozen and pre-portioned, with a single slice defrosting in as little as ten minutes (surplus slices can be kept in the chiller for up to seven days), all valuable benefits to caterers where every penny counts.


For outlets looking to offer their customers a real point of difference, homemade ice-creams, sorbets and frozen yogurt can really enhance the perceived value of your dessert menu; and can often justify a higher price point.

Thanks to the Buffalo Ice-Cream Maker (DM067) from Nisbets, outlets can produce large capacities of professional-quality frozen desserts with one reasonably-priced piece of equipment. “With no need to pre-freeze the bowl, simply add your ingredients and turn the machine on!,” says Robin Candy, Buffalo Brand Director for Nisbets Plc.

“The powerful churning and freezing action ensures a smooth and professional finish, whilst the removable section of the lid allows additional ingredients such as dried fruit and nuts to be added at any stage of the freezing process.”
This stainless steel model is said to be ideal for countertop preparation and comprises a 1.5 litre non-stick bowl that is removable for easy cleaning. This allows for an output of 1.5 litres of product every 30 minutes, which is ideal for busy outlets.  Additional bowls are also available, so operators can benefit from the provision of additional flavours or styles.

“Producing ice-cream in-house not only allows operators greater control in what flavours/types of desserts they have on the menu, it also means they can cater for customers with specific dietary needs or intolerances by creating ice-cream especially for them,” comments Robin. “Or why not really stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your ice-cream flavour? Chilli and chocolate or popcorn perhaps?”

Dubbed ‘the ice cream machine of the future’, the Nemox Gelato 6K CREA from Mitchell & Cooper promises to consistently deliver artisan crafted ice cream that even the most discerning of diners will enjoy. “Exclusive to the UK, the innovative Gelato 6K brings technological advancement to any busy kitchen, producing delicious frozen desserts time and time again,” says Guy Cooper, Managing Director at Mitchell & Cooper.

“Equipped with highly sophisticated software incorporating a multitude of automatic features, the Gelato 6K CREA allows chefs the freedom of focusing on other culinary tasks, making it a piece of highly efficient equipment.”

Operators are able to choose from four different production programs in order to produce sweet and savoury ice creams, mousses, fondants, creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yoghurt, as well as four specific storage programs to complement the characteristics of your creation. Taking just 12-15 minutes per batch, ten litres of flavour-packed frozen goodness can be served every hour.

For chefs working with a ready-to-use mix, the Gelato 6K also claims to guarantee a high quality result, and with no pasteurisation required, the whole process is made said to be easy to undertake. “The ability to vary the machine’s speed between 55 and 115 RPM – due to an electronic inverter system for regulation of the motor – means that more creative types looking to experiment with texture and flavour can achieve a consistency in line with their own unique specifications,” continues Gary.

“This machine is perfect for any catering team with varying levels of ice cream making experience.”

* Source: Toluna/Almondy Consumer Insight March 2014 **Source: Toluna/Almondy Consumer Insight July 2013.

Monday, 7th July, 2014
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