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Setting up a website for your business

Setting up a website for your business

Designing and building a website can be a daunting process. If you find yourself in the position of considering your first website, or equally refreshing an existing site, here are ten top tips on what to consider from Andy Wickes, Digital Director at Jellybean Creative Solutions

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1. Be Clear Who Your Audience Is

This might seem like a strange opening statement, but it’s a crucial one. Very often design projects are led by the tastes of the business owner or the individual responsible for delivering the project. Think about the customers you want to appeal to and speak to your regulars and prospects. Do some simple anecdotal research into what sort of content they would find useful on your website. Would they like downloadable menus? Be able to order online? Sign up for discounts? Will they be viewing it at home or on-the-go using their smartphone?

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2. Do Your Research

Start with a SWOT analysis of your company – STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS. Then do a simple benchmarking exercise across your three closest competitor websites, looking into what appeals about their sites’ design and branding, their content and any useful functions that drive customer engagement. Don’t be a ‘me too’ and copy, but seeing what other operators do well will give you inspiration.

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Armed with this simple research you can begin to see how your site needs to shape up in order to stay ahead of the competition. What sort of content do you need to help to promote your restaurant’s strengths? Is it promoting freshly made to order food? Do you provide free delivery? Can you cater for special dietary needs? How do you address your perceived weaknesses through your website? If you are finding early evenings a bit quiet, could your website help promote an ‘early bird special’ or does your content need to speak specifically to prospect customers to address new opportunities identified in the SWOT. Perhaps corporate catering or private parties is a new opportunity? And what threats do competitors pose to your business? Are they appearing higher in Google searches? Can this be addressed?

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Get a good, clear understanding on some of the above and you will maximise the impact of your new website.

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3. Control Your Domain / Hosting

The registration of domain names and the arrangement of hosting for the website are confusing areas littered with jargon. The appeal of passing this over to a third party to arrange can be an attractive one, but one to avoid. Your domain name and your website are the most important marketing tools you can have, so keep ownership of it.

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4. Consult a Great Designer

Great quality graphic design tools, resources, typefaces and icons are all freely downloadable on the internet, but the skills required to combine all of these into a beautiful, flexible website design that gives your restaurant the appeal with which to succeed, are still the reserve of specialists. Whatever you might be inclined to do yourself, leave graphic design to the experts!

5. Mobile First

avatrade autotrader erfahrungen Web browsing on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is rising fast, and in some markets has already overtaken desktop browsing as the most popular device. For mobile users searching for somewhere to eat or drink whilst on the move, a website optimised for both mobile / tablet / touch devices as well as one which is optimised for use across a 3G connection is a must. Speak to your designer and ensure your site is delivered to cater for all devices.

6. Inject Personality

steuern bei binären optionen Websites by their very definition are impersonal things, but that doesn’t mean they need to lack personality. In an overcrowded online marketplace, it is very often the website that manages to convey human qualities such as personality, humour and levity that stand out from the others. Try to convey personality via the copywriting, or by using less formal but still high quality photography. Avoid clichéd library photography and clip-art style illustration. Use a photographer to take genuine photography of your team, dishes and restaurant, and use subtle animation and effects to ensure your site’s functions and interactions are delivered with character.

7. Commit to Content

binäre optionen 10 minuten strategie Between 2010 and 2013 the amount of content on the internet doubled. This of course is no accident. The rise of social media and its success in exposing websites to new customers, coupled with benefits of third party sites linking to your website means that you need to be committed to producing compelling and shareable content more than ever. Take the time to consider what assets you have at your disposal and ensure your site is designed to allow you to showcase this content, keep your customers up to date on any awards you receive, new menus, changes in prices or special offers.

8. Be Patient

binaire opties boeken Marketing your website takes time. It takes time for you to build traffic volumes to your site either via referrals from search engines, or from social media referrals. And in that time it can be easy to become complacent about refreshing your content when seemingly no-one is taking notice. Stick with it. All high volume sites were once startups, and no matter how niche you feel your market is, there are people who will want to learn about you and your operation.

9. Monitor and Adapt

Tastylia cheap overnight fedex Launching your new website is only the beginning. Once you’re up and running be sure to keep an eye on your visitor levels using a free tool such as Google Analytics, and keep polling your audience via social media or via email to ensure you are delivering useful content to them. We’re only human and you won’t always get it right first time around. The key to success is to recognise areas for improvement, take action and adapt your website accordingly. Let your audience know you’re doing this and invite further feedback. 

10. Market, Market, Market

الخيارات الثنائية المعلم These days you don’t need a big budget to raise your website’s profile. Simply by running a Facebook or Twitter account you can connect with your audience and link them back to your website. Give customers an incentive to sign up to a loyalty scheme by giving 10% off their next order. Consumers are increasingly looking for food options with their smartphones. Look into listing on sites such as JustEat or Hungry House – by having third parties link to your website it will help boost your SEO and drive new customers.

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