Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Business Profile: HIPCHIPS

Having launched on Old Compton Street late last year, HIPCHIPS has set out to reinvent the potato crisp and bring an entirely new eating concept to Soho. Freshly cooked and served straight to diners on a conveyor belt, HIPCHIPS pairs hand-made potato crisps with a diverse range of delicious savoury and sweet fresh dips. Creating new flavour combinations and a novel approach to sharing, HIPCHIPS has transformed the way Londoners consume this everyday British classic.

HIPCHIPS was born out of an ambition to create the best tasting crisps in the world. Run by head chef Scott Davis who has spent the last two years developing the concept in his kitchen, HIPCHIPS treats the humble potato crisp with the same care and attention usually reserved for fine dining.

Hand crafted and cooked in front of guests, HIPCHIPS uses four heritage and vintage potato varieties to make its crisps. Grown in the North of England, each potato used by HIPCHIPS has its own unique natural colour and flavour, resulting in a range of vibrant, delicious and distinctive crisps.

Head Chef Scott Davis (Providores, Mirabelle, and Fifty St James) has used his vast knowledge and experience of diverse culinary styles and flavours to create a unique menu of dips that are influenced by classic

“I’ve taken my inspiration for the sweet crisps from doughnuts by sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar as soon as they come out of the fryer,” says Scott. “These with the dips really form a classic pairing, which we l change weekly and seasonally. “

We caught up with General Manager of HIPCHIPS Tim Sutton…

Tell us about yourself…

I started in Hospitality after a course at the Cordon Blue in London and have worked both sides of the pass from fine dining to street food.
What inspired you to work as GM of HC?

Our product is great and we have a great brand. I have been given an opportunity to be both a steady hand on the wheel and be part of the team to move things to the next level.

That’s a challenge I couldn’t refuse! Plus we are on Old Compton street the epicentre of Soho it’s a fun place to work. The team is great - and I am a crisp addict!

Tell us about the menu…how do your customers react?

Our crisps are made onsite using only heritage potatoes from Carroll’s heritage Potatoes.  They are an excellent example of sustainable farming that works. Chef Scott comes up with the amazing dips applying all his experience from top end restaurants and his excellent palate to come up with new taste sensations. You pick the size of box you want and the number of dips.

Then savoury (salted) or sweet (yes sweet with cinnamon sugar) then pick your dips - harder than it sounds with such a wide choice - then just dip in and enjoy!
People are in general intrigued by the concept especially the sweet crisps and sweet dips. It is so simple yet unexpected. Once they taste the freshly handmade crisps and the great dips they are won over.

What are your most popular menu items?

Most people go for a small or medium box with 2 or 3 dips (then order another box to take home)

Our top dips are;

• Smokey cheese fondue
• Jalapeno coriander and lime
• Peanut butter and jam
• Cheesecake

Could you tell us an interesting fact about yourself…..

Before I worked in hospitality I worked in Advertising in France and then Banking in London!

What is next for HIPCHIPS?

Hopefully more sites!

What do you think is next for the QSR industry?
Like any part of the restaurant sector the next few years will see tougher trading conditions. I guess after a period of enormous growth things have to slow down.
There are too few good sites available for reasonable rents. The UK restaurant sector in particular the QSR sector is the most innovative and vibrant in Europe, I am sure it will go on being so!