Friday, 29th September, 2017

Talking Tech Interview: Appaway

    Name: Adam Temple
      Role: Client Services Director in charge of sales and customer service]
        Duration: 3yrs
          Previous roles: I have worked at every level of sales and customer service in both start-up and established private sector retail.

          How did you end up at Appaway?

          A question I ask myself regularly!! I worked on other projects in the past with Appaway MD
          Damian Guy who asked me to come along for the ride. Having discussed his vision the project immediately sounded exciting and so I was on board.

          How did Appaway start?

          Initially we built online systems for retail, with no real focus on specific market sectors. Over the course of time we observed the dramatic growth of online food ordering, in particular takeaway food.

          Due to the prevalent online order systems being commission based we recognised that there was a definite space for a commission free ordering solution to enable takeaways to take back control of the profit they make on regular orders from regular customers. As such we launched Appaway.

          What does Appaway do?

          We design, build and retail zero commission online ordering solutions for the takeaway industry.

          A representative from Pepe’s Piri Piri’s head office said “A great team, a great system, with over 30 of our stores using Appaway we are happy with the progress made so far. User friendly, quick and easy to use – ordering couldn’t be simpler.”

          How many staff do you employ?

          40 spread over 2 sites

          What is the office atmosphere like?

          That depends on which office you are in! In our design and development office all is calm and serene, whilst our sales and customer services teams operate in a fast paced buzzed up atmosphere. Our customer services team are open 24hrs a day to support the thousands of takeaways using Appaway all over the British Isles so we think it’s very important to create an exciting and comfortable office to work their magic in.

          In the senior team we lean on each other regularly, swapping ideas, overcoming the obstacles and capitalising on the opportunities that business throws in our direction. It helps that we are good mates too.

          What industry challenges does Appaway address?

          The main challenge to the takeaway industry is to have an online ordering solution that makes financial sense in the long term. Appaway provides exactly that.

          What makes Appaway unique?

          Appaway has no upfront cost for design, build or equipment, an initial 6 week free period, no contract term and after the initial free period a low weekly subscription of £12.50. That’s it, no other costs whatsoever! Of course the solution can also be used to message customers, takes card, cash or PayPal orders, menu changes can be done immediately by the owner, and the list goes on!

          What did you want to be as a child?

          Wanted (and still do!!) to race motorbikes

          What are the ambitions of Appaway?

          To become the largest provider of online ordering systems in the UK whilst continuing to support the takeaway industry.

          What was your first day at Appaway like?

          Great, nice Italian food and wine! We know how to work here!

          What challenges does the business face day to day?

          The biggest challenge is getting our message out there to the masses! The takeaway industry has always been a challenging and diverse sector populated by very hardworking individuals who have little spare time to discuss new online systems! Thanks QuickBite for helping us spread the news.

          What has been your best day?

          I’ll be really cheesy and say ‘everyday’..............