Tuesday, 6th February, 2018

Talking Tech Interview: Como

We speak to Dan Cohen Managing Director of Como, who empower chains of all sizes to maximise customer loyalty, revenue and business growth with Como Sense, the leading end-to-end customer engagement solution.

1. How did Como begin?

Como has been pioneering customer engagement in the cloud since 2005. We began as a start-up known as Conduit, quickly becoming Google’s chief search partner and Israel’s first billion-dollar internet company.

Later, we came up with a unique and successful platform that helped SMEs to engage with their customers by creating their own apps with just a few clicks. Last year, we split this activity into a separate company, as we wanted to focus on the bigger picture: bringing the technology behind online giants to a wider variety of businesses.

To do that, two years ago Como acquired Keeprz—a start-up in the CRM field—to provide retail and hospitality chains with all the data-driven customer engagement tools they need to thrive in the highly competitive business environment.

Today, our flagship product is Como Sense, a solution that brings personalised loyalty programs, advanced data tools, and other digital tools to brick-and-mortar businesses—helping them grow their footfall and customer spend.

2. How did you end up at Como?

For the last 12 years, I have gained experience in customer acquisition, driving online sales for clients. Wherever I went, I kept hearing the same question: “Dan, how could we use online in order to drive sales offline?” It was such a common question that we coined it “clicks-to-bricks”!

At the time, I wasn’t aware of any company that could combine a POS integration, a customer app, and a SaaS marketing platform. So, I embarked on some serious research and I found Como. I saw they were looking for someone to head up and grow the team here in London. So, I started exploring a little bit more, and after an initial look at the system and a series of meetings with the founders, I was hooked.

Como offers the solution that many of the businesses I used to work with were looking for, giving them access to the same capabilities that drive much of the success of the top online retailers.

3. Tell us more about Como….

As we help international brands like Burger King, Quiznos, Benihana, and PAUL grow, Como Sense connects with leading EPOS providers to create a seamless solution. We provide businesses with a branded mobile app, flexible loyalty programs, actionable business insights, and marketing automation.

And, just as importantly, we connect all those tools to each other to help our clients offer the right incentives to the right customers at the right times. We are the world’s leader in EPOS integrations, connected with more than 75 POS companies including NCR, Micros, Revel Systems, PAR, and Posera.

4. What industry challenges does Como address?

Como helps retailers and restaurants tackle three main challenges. First, by providing them with an attractive loyalty program, we help them keep their customers coming back and spending more money.

Second, by offering advanced data tools to our clients, we help them improve their sales and marketing strategies. And third, by letting our clients offer a personalised and improved customer experience, we help them keep up with their larger competitors.

5. What makes Como unique?

First, Como Sense offers seamless connectivity with current and future third-party services, such as tools for mobile payments and online ordering. Second, we offer businesses a complete end-to-end toolset for customer engagement, in which all the tools work together.

Third, Como offers a data-driven product, empowering our clients to act on all their data to increase sales. And fourth, our platform has a track record of increasing sales to club members by 41%.

6. How many staff members do you employ?

In London, I manage a team of 10 sales and customer success experts. Globally, we have 130 employees, with offices in the UK, the US, and Israel.
Most of our employees are developers, as we invest significantly in research and development to keep Como Sense at the cutting edge of both technological advances and market trends.

7. What are the ambitions of Como?

In today’s digital world, the online giants have perfected the art of gathering data about purchases and preferences and then appealing to customers with ever-more personalised offers that propel sales. Inspired by their success, we aim to bring a toolset just as powerful as theirs to mid-size retail and hospitality chains.

Our goal is to empower these businesses to make data-driven decision that grow their customers’ spending—just as their larger competitors do.

8. Describe your best day?

I’ve been with Como now for a few months, and every day has been exciting! If I had to pick my best day so far, I would point to a meeting I had last month with a big, new client—an encounter that really helped me realise what a huge impact we are having on brick-and-mortar businesses.

Hearing about this business owner’s day-to-day challenges and his excitement about our capabilities, I got a real sense of how we close the gap between offline and online and help our clients build lasting relationships with their customers. I can’t wait for us to launch with this client and begin helping him meet his business goals.

9. What does the future hold for Como?

As we kick off 2018, the future is bright. We’re making a big investment in the UK, and we’re looking to expand our business dramatically. We’re also going to expand our offering and line-up of partners, and grow both our team and the support we offer our partners. More generally, we will continue finding new ways to keep Como Sense ahead of our competitors, so that our clients can keep enjoying best-in-class, cutting-edge tools for customer engagement.