Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

Talking Tech with 3S POS

• Name: Aziz Gunes • Role: Commercial Director • Duration: 2 Years in current position, 7 years in total with 3S POS. • Previous roles: Product Development, Marketing, Business Development.

How did 3S POS start?

As a young software developer, our founder, Emad Salib, visited a friend’s restaurant 20 years ago when EPOS systems were nothing more than a fancy calculator. The developer of the software at the time was not fixing bugs nor adding new features she desperately needed. So he decided he would try to help her.

While trying to fix the bugs he accidentally breaks the system. Feeling responsible and embarrassed, he decides to develop a complete new EPOS software for her in 7 days with all the features she wanted while working a 9-5 job and gives it to her as a gift. Through word of mouth other restaurants find out about what he does and they also request the software. This becomes his new hobby and he enjoys helping restaurants out. Eventually the demand gets so high that he starts losing sleep to keep up and decides to quit his day job to fully concentrate on his EPOS software and turns it into a business.

How did you end up at 3S POS?

While I was studying Electronics & Electrical engineering at university I decided to get a job in the hospitality sector as it offered the most flexible hours to fit around my studies. I started working in bars and restaurants; very quickly I started enjoying the sector and moved into management roles despite being in full time education. I worked with a consultant during summer holidays on many different projects giving me exposure to most of the EPOS systems used in the industry – and me being a geek at heart mastered how to use every single one in no time.

When I graduated from university, I wanted to pursue a career in engineering however through mutual connections I was introduced to 3S POS and straight away I felt that all of my experiences and skills were relevant. I was now working for a software company developing technology for the hospitality industry.

What does 3S POS do?

At 3S POS we develop EPOS and business management software for the hospitality & retail sectors; we work very hard to identify the needs and obstacles our customers face in the day-to-day running of their business. We develop mission critical EPOS solutions by listening to our customer’s requirements, observing their operations and drawing on our technical know-how.

Our unique consultation process ensures their investment in technology is an extension of their business rather than just another tool.

How many staff members do you employ?

20 and growing very fast. We are a small team but we support 1000’s of customers nationwide due to our software being extremely well built.

What is the office atmosphere like?

We are a geeky family. Everybody in the office is passionate about technology and food. So if we’re not debating about new technologies we are debating about food, different types of cuisines, and our favourite restaurants. Yummy!

What did you want to be as a child?

I wanted to be a scientist or an engineer. I wanted to innovate and from a young age I was fascinated with technology and electronic devices. I was the type of kid that always tinkered with and broke his electric toys to get inside and figure out how it all worked. My parents were never happy with this – oops!

What industry challenges does 3S POS address?

The hospitality industry is going through a very big technology shift, although for many years EPOS systems were a necessity for business, customers always compromised features against cost. Now that technology is leading growth in the market, customers are seeking to have the right EPOS system with the vital features and integrations they require to enhance their business operations. 3S POS are committed to address the current technology trends and provide our customers the latest features and integrations that enhance their business operations and the customer experience they want to offer.

What makes 3SPOS unique?

3S POS are a UK based software house solely concentrating in the development of software technology for the hospitality and retail industries. We build solutions that can support a small start-up to a multisite operator with nationwide and worldwide branches. We have successfully installed our systems from Beverly Hills, USA – to South Korea for our UK customers expanding in new territories. We also offer consultation and bespoke development for those customers that require a unique feature to enhance their EPOS requirements.

As a UK based company, our software development team sits together with our sales, marketing, technical support and management teams in our London office. This creates an environment where they get direct feedback from our customers and communication between departs are instant. Allowing us to understand the pain-points our customers are facing in the day-to-day operation of their business and developing solutions to address these issues quicker.

What are the ambitions of 3S POS?

3S POS are heavily invested in the future of EPOS and hospitality technology. We see a big surge in the Casual Dining and QSR markets and have been investing in and developing new technologies like integrated online ordering systems, customer loyalty apps, self-service kiosks, driver management technology and integrated digital signage solutions. We want to offer our customers a complete end-to-end technology solution that helps them control every element of their business.

What was your first day at 3S POS like?

It felt like I knew everybody for years, usually there is always this awkward first day where you don’t really know how to fit in. Not at 3S POS – great bunch of people! Our managing director and founder, Emad, is such a friendly and humble guy you forget he’s your boss at times!

What challenges does the business face day to day?

Technology is advancing and being adopted in the hospitality sector quicker than ever before and the biggest challenge now is trying to figure out which technologies to invest in or to integrate with that is going to last in the industry.

What has been your best day?

I can’t really pick a best day but the greatest feeling I get is when we demonstrate our full software solution to a potential customer and see the amazement in their facial expressions and the compliments they give us on the comprehensive features we offer. “Wow” and “Really” are common words we hear!