Friday, 9th February, 2018

Gluten free lifestyle set to rise in 2018

Storming the food market in 2017, predictions have revealed that free from brands can look forward to an even stronger 2018.

Recent statistics have shown that one in 10 people now avoid gluten altogether, with more and more opting for the health benefits rather than an essential dietary requirement.

Additional figures support this as a report by Mintel found 15 per cent of households were avoiding gluten and wheat; more than half because they believed it was part of a healthy diet.

Sam Benjamin, brand manager for Too Good to be Gluten Free, expects a huge year for such brands with sales predicted to rise across the Free From market.
“The free from market is rapidly growing as last year alone the market cited a 27 per cent rise in sales.

“This growth has been driven both by consumers who have medical conditions that require free-from diets, but also what we refer to as free from lifestylers, a growing market of people who are choosing to cut certain ingredients from their diet for health, diet or lifestyle reasons.

“This growing market is demanding free from choices but with the focus on the taste and quality of the product.”

Statistics revealed by national charity, Coeliac UK also show every one person in a 100 are living with coeliac disease, and 13 per cent of UK population need to avoid gluten altogether.

Too Good to be Gluten Free offers both Coeliac’s and lifestylers the perfect alternative to sweet and savoury products. With gluten free desserts, quiches and savoury pies, Benjamin feels the gluten free market will continue to develop this year and beyond.

“We believe you can cut gluten completely without sacrificing on taste and it’s something that can be done across the board with lots of food products and that’s how we see the market developing; basically more and more products going gluten free and there not being a noticeable taste difference.

“We are currently expanding the ranges to serve this demand which we feel is on the increase.  At the moment we have a series of products in the snacking and sharing market and this is an area which we want to grow provide the consumer with a wider range to choose from but we will also be looking at other food types over the year and new sectors where we can launch tasty free from options.”