Monday, 5th March, 2018

New mobile app launches, bringing tech automation to food hygiene and food safety management

Mobile-based application, KitchenLogs, today launches its fully automated, intelligent food hygiene system, designed to streamline the processes associated with adherence the Food Standards Agency (FSA) standards.

Taking its own bite at success in the food industry, food tech company - KitchenLogs - was built to save businesses time and money, by using technology that helps kitchens to digitally automate and manage many of the labour-intensive processes that come with ensuring food production and food storage safety checks, are regularly undertaken and recorded.

Welcoming automation in to the kitchen
Current food handling standards require businesses to adhere to - and evidence - procedure dictating how food is handled, prepared, cooked, cooled and stored.  There is also is an additional level of administration relating to monitoring and management of premises, even covering regular checks of equipment, ventilation and lighting. 

The time associated with the manual completion of paperwork, logging data into spreadsheets and producing reports is costing businesses time and resource, through their efforts to ensure that standards are maintained.  All of which help businesses ensure that food produced, is safe for consumption.

The KitchenLogs technology helps to save businesses time and money by:
        ◦        digitally streamlining the Food Standards Agency, ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ procedures into a few quick clicks via a mobile app.
        ◦        simplifying the procedures through notifications and alerts that provide reminders for the kitchen team.
        ◦        enabling the kitchen to manage data digitally, allowing better reporting over time.
        ◦        eliminating the need for inefficient paper reporting, freeing up storage space.

Appetite for change
There have been more than a few high profile stories that have hit the headlines recently, putting the topic of food hygiene at the forefront of the industry’s mind.  In fact, in 2017 there were FSA investigated 2,265 food incidents reported, showing the scale of the issue.

Wales and Northern Ireland have already taken a lead on tackling this issue by implementing the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) that requires any business that works with food, to display its hygiene rating clearly and for the public to see.  Although the rest of the UK have not yet followed suit, the Food Standards Agency’s strategy for 2015-2020 has indicated that this legislation could arrive in England as soon as 2019.

This is a move that would be welcomed by the public with 84% of people in the UK wanting a clearly visible food hygiene rating system to be mandatory across the country.  However, for the business, the associated additional paperwork and reporting required will add even more load to already stretched kitchen teams.

The technology has already been tested in a number of kitchens across the UK, all of which are seeing the benefits that bringing digital and automated technology in to the kitchen can deliver.

One Head Chef that has been using KitchenLogs, said:
“KitchenLogs is incredibly easy to use and means I don’t have to print out worksheets or fill in paper based records. The reminders have kept us disciplined in performing the checks needed, no matter which of the multiple devices we are using. The updates on the workflow have made it logical and quicker to complete tasks and the pub now feels part of the paperless society!”

KitchenLogs founder, Jim McGuire, is a techie, chef, and foodie. After leaving his job in IT he spent time working with a street food startup where he quickly identified how technology could ease the burden for food businesses trying to manage their Food Safety requirements.

Jim McGuire, Co-Founder of KitchenLogs said:
“The eureka moment came when I was helping out a friend with a street food startup during a festival.  Another food trader got into serious trouble, simply due to a lack of paperwork evidencing her food safety processes.  Like her, most food businesses are still using pen and paper to manually log and store records which seemed crazy to me, in a world where technology is automating and streamlining simple processes across industries.

The flurry of negative press relating to kitchen hygiene and food management, indicates that food safety requirements are only likely to increase - leading to greater administrative workloads for kitchens.  KitchenLogs is a full-service solution that helps to ensure checks are carried out regularly, using clever automation to alleviate some of the inefficient and time-eating processes that are taking kitchen teams away from the business of producing top quality food.”